here’s the story.

my 2013 new year’s resolution is to write more. so here’s a blog. we’ll see how it goes.

who am i? well. it’s a long story, but here’s the spark notes version:

what i do: grad school in DC. learning how to manage the unruly world of the arts.

what i like: cooking, guitar, yoga, the great outdoors, brunch, jokes, and beautiful things.

what i dislike: meanies, bullies, glenn beck, reality t.v. (save ‘the biggest loser’), slimy tofu, and making lists of things i dislike.

what i’m good at: karaoke, cupcake baking, choreographing 16 counts of outrageous fun, and hula-hooping.

what i’m bad at: juggling, star wars trivia, being wrong, running more than 1 mile, and skateboarding.

other important information: my favorite palindrome is ‘go hang a salami i’m a lasagna hog.’


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