Monthly Archives: August 2013

happy anniversary, dc

One year ago today, I arrived in DC, car packed full of suitcases and boxes, mind packed full of anxiety and excitement. It’s so easy to put myself right back into that time, that mindset of everything being new, nothing being familiar – the crossroads of trepidation and possibility. I listened to this one million times and hoped I’d made the right decision.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year and at the same time, it feels like it’s been ten.

I love DC. I miss my family. I love the east coast. I miss the mountains. I love my program. I miss my savings account.

As a little recap, and a reminder to myself of why I’m so happy I made this move, here is a list of things I couldn’t do a year ago that I can do now:

  • help tourists with DC public transit
  • read an organization’s 990 and make smart assumptions about its fiscal health
  • drive 6 hours and be in the Berkshires (5 to New Haven, 4 to NYC, 2 to Philly – the east coast is way cool)
  • conduct a SWOT analysis
  • navigate DC traffic circles (sort of)
  • say I’ve read the entirety of the AEA League agreement
  • boast photos of the Pres & VP driving down Pennsylvania Ave on Inauguration Day
  • scenario think
  • email really cool people like Russell Willis Taylor, David Snider, Johnna Adams, Jeff Herrmann, or any one of my amazing professors with questions, coffee invitations, or good jokes
  • identify the essentials for a non-profit’s bylaws
  • buy wine in a grocery store
  • add Arena Stage to my resume
  • add the hilarious, smart, and ridiculous likes of Brooke Norris (and her funny friends), Heather Koslov, Joshua Midgett, Charlie Rohlfs (insert all amazing classmates here), Maria Edmundson (and all Arena pals) to my friends list – both on FB and the list I keep in my heart.

All in all, a year full of learning and loving. Thanks for the lessons, DC. Here’s to the next!